Xbox One Jailbreak: Jailbreak Your Xbox One Firmware

Last Updated on June 1, 2021

What exactly is the Xbox One Jailbreak? How is it possible to do it? What is implied by Xbox One Jailbreak? In what way does Xbox One Jailbreak function? In case you like to get a relevant answer for all these above-mentioned queries, make it a point to get this page bookmarked given that it is always kept updated along with reliable and simple solutions that are available directly from the hacking site. takes pride in providing you with Xbox One along with a comprehensive guide as well as professional tools so as to jailbreak Xbox One without spending anything at all.

This particular guide will assist you to jailbreak your Xbox One and you may purchase a Jailbroken Xbox One on the web despite the fact that a console like an Xbox One Jailbroken is going to be quite expensive in the long run. T

Therefore, you are advised to purchase an Xbox One that works in the normal way irrespective of whether it is a used one or a brand-new product.

You can always be installed using a USB flash drive as well as a computer having a stable Internet connection which will help you to avoid any additional expenses whatsoever.

Xbox One Jailbreak:

It can be considered to be a hack that is used for completely unlocking the capabilities of your Xbox One console. Essentially, Xbox One Jailbreak might be a package hack that is mostly based upon associate usable SMC. It is known to permit bots, Wallhacks, as well as plenty of innovative and interesting options, for example, the blue avatar skin which might be a typical indication of Jailbreak.

Xbox One Jailbreak

Despite the fact that jailbreak might appear to be a common hack from the Xbox 360 which happens to be the old generation console, the myth is not true after all. The real fact is that it is possible to set up a jailbreak in an Xbox One X right now like it is possible in the Xbox 360 which you can do by simply changing a chip in the motherboard.

However, it is possible to set up the custom firmware operating system depending on an exploit in Windows.

Latest Mod or Modding Game:

RGH Xbox One Reset error Hack, Xbox One RGH happens to be associate time based generally attack the central processing unit (CPU) which causes damage to the chip and allows the exploit to happen instantaneously. It provides you with the opportunity to format the Xbox One and also run the code which is not meant to be used in the Xbox One Hacks.

Generally speaking, although RGH might be a convenient technique for the Xbox One Modchip, JTAG or RGH is going to boot much faster as compared to RGH which is going to consume as much as 5 minutes for a single boot. Interestingly, the Xbox One hack has the ability to boot up in only 2 seconds.

In spite of the fact that the Xbox One RGH is actually based on the motherboard modification just like the Xbox 360, at present, the hackers have not endorsed any complete RGH hack as yet. However, you’ll come across a simpler way for Xbox One Jailbreak.

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How To Jailbreak Xbox One with USB Tutorial:

The Xbox One Jailbreak happens to be a system application hack that is actually based on an exploit in the Xbox One S hardware. Interestingly, this particular hack is extremely dependable as well as stable in terms of performance.

In fact, jailbreak gaming enjoys some significant advantages as compared to the original OS given that it is awfully reliable as well as unique with some innovative and unblocked features along with customization ability as well.

Compatibility of Consoles:

  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One Fat


  1. Backward compatibility for a wide range of Xbox one games.
  2. The games can be played directly from HDD and you simply need to install them using an external HDD or USB.
  3. It is possible to install all 3rd party applications without paying anything at all.
  4. It is possible to back up the games and set up games mods as well.
  5. You will obtain all the developers as well as administrative rights of the Xbox One which you own.

Although it is possible to download the file, you need to stick to the instructions step by step.

Note: Even though a comprehensive guide and tools, will be available for download. It is imperative to go through the full article prior to implementing any particular technique.

Stick to the following instructions so as to avoid any issue afterwards.


  • You need not open your Xbox One console.
  • A 2 GB USB flash drive will be required.
  • This jailbreak is going to work with every single version of the Xbox One.

How To Install Xbox One Jailbreak:

  1. The download file is available at the bottom of this end step.
  2. Once the file is extracted, you’ll be seeing these 2 files, namely, XBOX_JAILBREAK.TAR and XBOX_PACKAGE.OGG.
  3. The USB stick has to be plugged into your computer system.
  4. A Root folder has to be created in the USB stick which is known as XBOX_ONE.
  5. The 2 files were extracted and paste into this XBOX_ONE folder.
  6. Next, the USB stick has to be plugged into the Xbox One console.
  7. Go to System Settings, you need to select Update via external storage.
  8. You will get prompt term conditions and follow to proceed with the software update.
  9. Your Xbox One will be shut down and then it will automatically restart within 30-60 seconds.
  10. That’s all! Now you can enjoy your Jailbroken Xbox One.

How To Play Pirated Games Free:

After jailbreaking your Xbox One, you will get a homebrew app named “FreeStore” where you can download any games there free of cost. No need to pay for big expensive games. Say goodbye to paid games forever and welcome to play Xbox One pirate games forever. You can also use game mods to play online games and 100% undetected and safe to use.

This particular custom system application can be reversed at any given time you want and this can be done without any difficulty at all. In case you are not satisfied with your experience of using the Jailbroken Xbox One, there is no need to be concerned at all.

In case you’d like to revert back to the original Xbox One X, all you need is to install from official Xbox One X firmware via your Xbox One Update. This can be done by installing the console system application once again which is going to consume approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

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